Multiple Image re-sizing

Made-a-move #13





As I have been doing more and more with putting images on the web, I’m learning the importance of resizing images.  I’m getting better at it, but it has been tedious for the quantity of images I’d love to put up – especially with adding images to my DD’s online artistic portfolio and my aspirations of posting online demonstrations.

Not wanting to let my lack of training [college education in occupational therapy didn't exactly cover this area ;) ]  to hold me back, I did a little searching and found a great freeware program for resizing multiple images: Fast Image Resizer Thanks to for the info and for the confirmation that it is a good (and safe) program.

Resizing a batch of pictures was as simple as selecting them in their folder and drag-drop a copy of them to the resizer – it automatically set up a ‘resized’ folder for them and resized them in seconds.  Wow!  Online picture stories and tutorials, here I come!


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