Taking action… at the first signs of smoke

Made-a-move #17: Taking action and being more proactive

My usual mode-of-operation tends to be one of ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ at the last minute.  It all gets done, though often with a flurry of activity at the finish line.  Always focusing on the fire at hand.  Don’t get me wrong – I still do that, but there were some glimmers of a more mature and sane way of living that came through this week ;)

This week my move was to be more proactive rather than wait until a full-fledged fire was in need of putting out before asking for help.  Totally contrary to my personality, I actually let people know that I needed extra help when I realized I was going to be short handed and when I was too weak to do some necessary grocery shopping.  (I usually would push myself to do it anyways).  With a very sudden bladder infection, I called for medical help first thing in the morning and went to see a doctor before going in to work.  Granted I am still myself – I did work every day and ended up sick during the weekend… but, even then I broke out of my constant buzz of activity and stayed laying down most of 2 days to recover. 

And I took notes throughout the week putting thoughts together for a speech I am not even giving for another week yet!  I finished writing the speech!  But, that will be for another posting.  As a hint, here is a picture my DD made that captures a bit of the subject matter:

Artwork by Shoshana

Have a great and successful week!

- DebBee


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