The missed Posting

Made-a-move #35: Accepting limits – taking something out of the plan to better accomplish current needs.

Do you know the feelings of wanting to do something so bad you can nearly taste it, followed by the uneasy feeling of something being amiss, only somewhat comforted by accepting your own human limits?  That was last Monday, as I accepted the fact I was not able to make my weekly posting.  So, my #35 “Move” was a missed posting.

I had a planned posting.  But, between taking care of details of my starting work at a school, late meetings, and getting my 6 kids settled in 5 different schools, my love of posting to the HoneyTreeBuzz had to take a step back.  Not a permanent step back, but rather the type that leads to a big leap forward. 

My hands nearly twitch in anticipation as a catch glimpses around me of the projects I am eager to leap into.  Like an arrow drawn back in a bow, I can feel the tension of anticipation ready to fly forward.  The “pulling back” and waiting, as the aim is set, is a challenge to be experiencing, but I know that it will result in greater accomplishments beyond my limited field of vision.

Looking forward to flying forward with you.  Wishing you much patience when you need it and success in all your endeavors!


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