Made-a-Move Monday #1


I did it!!  I made a move!!

It wasn’t easy to break out of my habitual “would-could-should” rut and life in ‘side-tracked city’.  But, with the help of my commitment to “Made-a-Move Mondays” and getting my daughter to pull me into my workshop… “Are you coming soon?”…

Granted she had to pull me away from my distractions by showing me that she already made this: Ok, in the time it took me to make this:

My daughter made:

In a failed attempt to be helpful (???) someone we showed our accomplishments to afterwards advised me to “do what you are best at, coming up with designs and ideas, and let your daughter do the painting.”

Jaw drop.

Ok.  I know I need more practice.  Yes, I know art flows from my daughter’s hands as naturally as 6-strand challah (bread) braids flow from mine. (Ok – yes, she can do that too!!).

Looking past the surprising delivery and timing of the comment, I can consider ‘Was their unsolicited advice true?’  Maybe yes and maybe no – I know I have done much better pieces in the past (I have been painting glass plates about once or twice a year for the past several years) and that I am capable of doing much better.  It’s been a long time – this was just getting my feet wet again.  I love to share artistic ideas with my daughter and take great pleasure in watching her turn them into things spectacular beyond my imagination.  A very big part of my dreams is to share the crafty things I like to dabble in with others and be a catalyst for them to soar with them.

But, the most essential point was completely missed by the meant-to-be adviser – I made a move!!  I took dreams I started several years ago, materials I bought several months ago, and a design I sketched out several weeks ago and put them into action.   I then went on and started on another idea I’ve been developing:

It’s a start.  Small.  But, tangible!  And I am eager to do more… to keep the ball rolling.  And, this time, with the help of my commitment to YOU in ‘Made-a-Move Mondays’, I really think I will.

Thank you, Darren Hardy, for the great advice!

And, Thank YOU for keeping me to my commitment!

Lets continue to grow and blossom together!

- DebBee


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