The making of a big celebration

Made-a-move #30: Step back to coordinate for projects bigger than big

After 29 weeks in a row of posting to this blog, I missed last week.  Definitely *Not* out of lack of ‘doing’… but more from an over-abundance of ‘doing’!  In fact, I did have a posting idea and pictures ready to post last week, but I let sanity and exhaustion win out and decided to let it wait for another time.  A posting about making a fruit fly trap didn’t seem so important given the other things more pressing for my time and attention.

So what tangible things have I done in the past 3 weeks?…  My youngest DD’s Bat Mitzvah celebration was this weekend.  She said a long speech.  I said a short speech.  We served a luncheon to over 250 people – a combination of people in the wonderful community we live in, friends, family and a few new faces as well.  From sending out the invitations (that I designed and printed) to room set-up plans; from the menu, to the shopping, to the food preparations; from the center-piece plans, to preparing the speeches; etc … I did a major part of the ‘doing’ – all completely tailored to my DD’s personality and wishes.  And, I did it with accepting and coordinating help from others!!  Including taking the ‘back seat’ and being the assistant to my oldest DD’s fancy desserts – only a few of them were:

The whole event went beautifully with a great deal of help from friends who pitched in, my DDs, my DH, my DSs, and, especially, the tremendous help from my mother and mother-in-law! (Not the least of which was for details I couldn’t handle like getting a dress for the Bat Mitzvah girl and taking her to get her nails done – nails done.. really??! What a foreign concept :)   But, she was sooo happy with her bright blue nails, 2 of which with tiny pretty flowers painted on them… really??  I somehow missed the girly stage of life!)  And, she even had one of her sister’s friends straighten her hair.  – Really??! – sit still for that long just for a hair-do?? – I can be so clueless when it comes to this stuff!

…I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…

I am so grateful to everyone who helped and participated and to Hashem for the strength, guidance, and opportunity to make this celebration.  Now, to write those thank-you notes… and to earn some extra $ to pay the bills…

Wishing you all many happy occasions to celebrate with family and friends and the ability to enjoy them in good health!


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