A Purse for ME

Made-a-move #11

Somehow, I always tend to do things the hard way.  What started out as a great idea, to come up with my own design and use fabric from home to make a purse, got more and more complex.

I started out with taking time for myself to let my creative juices flow and design it.  A couple quick looks into some sewing books at home gave me the ‘go ahead – seems simple enough’.  After quite a while of thinking through all of the details, fabrics and dimensions, I realized that I was a little foggy on how to make it lined with all of the seams hidden.  No problem – a quick internet search gave me plenty of examples on how to make a lined bag.  Ok – they went the logical and easy way of making an open tote bag…  mine has an outer flap and inside pockets…

Here I am with just a few minutes left to Monday, so I better post what I have so far:

Last 3 steps finished:


Not bad for a 1st attempt and prototype.

My daughter loves it.  Great size, cute pockets, and great color :) – a girl after my own heart ;)   She is already picturing making them for her friends.  I took lots of pictures of each step.  I see a tutorial in it’s future!

Moving along and more moves to come.

- DebBee

Painting Stones

Made-a-Move Monday #4

While my daughter moves along with painting glassware, I made my move in painting inspirational words and phrases on stones.

Two sides to one coin, as it were, but slightly different concepts Bitachon is the Hebrew word for a deep trust in the creator and Emmuna is translated more as faith.

The phrase below, Gam Zu L’tova, means “This also is for good”, which is connected to the concept of trust, Bitachon.

More on these to be added soon.